Sunday, January 16, 2011

Akari Mizunashi Update 1

Cosplays always take me longer than I expect to complete.  I’ve been working on Akari for the past few days, and I’m still in a relatively beginning stage.  Granted, I have accomplished some minor progress.  So far my cosplay construction has been more of a hit-and-miss training session than an easy pattern modification.  I’ve learned a lot about what not to do when it comes to sizing, scaling, and design/pattern moding.  Hehe…well I know what not to do, for this project at least.

It’s taken me three tries thus far (I’m currently on my third) to get the dress pattern to work and look right.  There’s a big difference between a cosplay looking right and working right.  Why nearly every anime/video game outfit defies the laws of gravity and physics I will never know.  It sure makes the outfits hard to recreate perfectly.  Even near perfection is difficult.  Nevertheless, the reward of a near perfect cosplay is what motivates me to pursue my hobby.  Pretty soon it won’t be too hard to recreate cosplays that nearly defy the laws of both gravity and physics. 

I have some progress pictures to share as well.  So far I have the main part of the dress almost worked out.  I cut the original piece too short so I have to add a bottom piece.  My current bottom pieces need to be redone too.  I cut them at an angle that slopes the wrong way.  -_-



I’m making it as two separate pieces with a vent to get the slit right.



I’m making two separate pieces because I don’t know how to make the zipper work without the back seam.


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