Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cosplay Update – Maria Ross, Akari Mizunashi, and Other Cosplays for Con in May

My Maria Ross State Alchemist pants are almost done.  I just have to add a bit of fabric to the bottom because I forgot to calculate in ease X_X, attach the cuffs, and sew in the hook and eye closures.  Then it’s on to the waist coat and killer jacket.  I’m seriously saving the jacket for last.  It scares me.  I’m not good at jackets and this is no ordinary jacket, it’s secretly a monster in disguise.  Shhh.

My Akari cosplay is getting closer to completion.  The dress is done so I just have to make the fuku, glove, bracelet, and boots.  I might make the hat too.  If have time and resources I’d like to make a President Aria plushie as well. 

I have a ton of wig styling to do once the wigs arrive.  So far they have been ordered and are being processed for international shipping.  I’m really hoping they come in time.  If not I’ll be up the creek without a paddle to coin a phrase.  In other words, I won’t have any cosplays to wear to the con. 

I still have to finish gathering items for all my cosplays.  I have a lot to get for my Temari, Anna, Fio, and Luka cosplays and I still don’t have every thing for my Akari or Maria cosplays yet.  @_@  I feel like I never stop having to get stuff.  I also have to help my friend with his cosplay and style his wig.  @_@  I seriously hope I can everything done in time for the con in a month.  Then it'll be on to the next set of cosplays for my August con.  So much to do and not much time. 


  1. I hope you manage to get everything done on time! Will classes finish early enough to help you have more time to work on the cosplays or not?
    At any rate, I'm looking forward to more upates and to pictures, too, whenever you're able to put those up (especially of the Maria Ross outfit---all the best with the jacket!). :)

  2. Thank you! Classes will end two weeks before the con, for which I am very thankful. ^_^ I should be able to post updates a bit more now that school is ending and I can sewing more though I won't have much internet over the summer so expect to see lots of updates at least every two weeks.
    Thank you. ^_^ I need all the luck I can get. I really hope it turns out well.