Friday, July 1, 2011

Avatar: The Last Airbender Cosplays

ATLA cosplays are back in session for me. I'm currently fixing my Fire Nation Toph cosplay. I have to remake her belt thing, add a backing to her other-the-shoulder-thing, remaking the wig, and making the crown. I might make shoes too if I have the time. I'm also working on my friend's White Lotus Iroh cosplay for Fandemonium in August. We're both going so it'll be awesome to cosplay Toph and Iroh together since their relationship was so dynamic.
If I have the time and money, I'd like to make Toph's Earth Kingdom/Book 2 outfit for the same con since her EK outfit would go better with Iroh's White Lotus cosplay. Also, I might be helping my other friend make his Aang cosplay for the same con. It's gonna be so awesome! There's even going to be a mid-sized ATLA group there, which is very good for a small con.

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  1. *cheers* I'm looking forward to seeing the finished Fire Nation outfit for Toph. And that's so neat about cosplaying Iroh and Toph---they do have such a great relationship, even if we don't get to see them work together much. An AtLA cosplay group sounds like such fun. :)

    (This and the previous post on the steampunk costume JUST came up today for me. :S )