Monday, January 4, 2010

Obi, Among Other Things

Ok, here goes. Either I'm totally finished with the obi or I'm almost finished. I just have to decide whether or not I'm going to add a few more details to the design. Other than that, the design is finished... Oh, I just remembered that I need to add the designs to the bows. *sigh* So either way I'm almost done. *sigh* Well the design won't take that long, and I already have the braiding attached to the obi and hibiscus. *^_^* It's kind of funny. The fabric store hasn't had the right color of braiding for almost half a year so I bought 3 1/2 yds. of white/cream braid and painted it the right color. *^_^* That was fun as well as tiresome. I also found the beads I've been looking, they're for the ties on the sleeves. So, I'm nearly done with the costume. School is starting to pile up again, and it just started, so my sewing time will be near extinction, but it's worth it. I'm still trying to get the Yuna costume done by the end of Janurary. I know it's doable and every spare moment is going toward my sewing. I'm really excited to start my Aerith costume soon! And my Violet costume will, hopefully, begin by the end of February. Then I might start on Rouge or another video game character! *^_^* Maybe I'll make Garnet's traveling outfit then!


  1. Hi! I was excited to find your blog. I'm working on my first cosplay right now and I'm doing Yuna too. ^_^ *waves*

    Over Christmas my Mum helped me (a lot hehe) with the pleated skirt, and I'm just starting work on the obi and sleeves. Very excited, because I've wanted to do cosplay for years.

    Anyway, best of luck! It's helpful to hear how you are doing things, and I loved seeing the photos of your obi. What kind of paint did you use?

    ~ Cyrennia ^_^

  2. *waves* Hi! I'm glad you like my blog. For the design of my obi, I used regular nonwashable acrylic paint. It worked really well. I'm really pleased with the way it turned out too. *^_^*

  3. It does look really nice! I bought fabric paints to do my skirt and obi, but I've heard lots of people use acrylic and it does look nice... ^_^

    I have another question, though! Did you transfer/free-hand the pattern on first and then trace with the paint? I'm trying to decide whether to make a stencil or just eye-ball it. :/

    Would love to know what you decided. Thanks!

  4. I freehanded it mainly because I wanted a more varied design instead of the ever present methodical one. I'm really striving to incorporate my own personality and style into my Yuna costume since she is a frequently cosplayed character. I also love to be original in everything I make.

  5. I would say eyeball it. It's a lot more fun but it takes more work. It's also twice as rewarding. Stencils are great too, especially if you are paying attention to details. But either works just as great as the other. I like free handing because it gives me a bit more control over the outcome. Oh, make sure you draw the design out on the obi BEFORE you paint. It'll be easier to compensate for mistakes that way. They will happen. It took me three tries to get the design just the way I wanted it. Just don't give up, that's the key cosplay. ^-^